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There's great satisfaction in knowing that you have every aspect of your finances under control and that you're utilising every opportunity to secure your financial future. Sound financial advice and planning will bring you security, build prosperity, and give you the lifestyle you want - now and in retirement.

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Secure your financial future with strategic planning


Plan for future prosperity

Grow your personal nest egg

Peace of mind and security

Lead Advisory Group has hand-picked some of the finest financial advisors in Bendigo, creating a team that can offer quality financial and investment advice to help grow your personal nest egg. Our certified financial planners have years of experience offering advice to individuals and business owners in our local community.

Grow your personal nest egg with expert advice

To get ahead and stay ahead you need these four pillars underpinning your approach:

1. Maximise earnings

2. Minimise costs / taxes

3. Leverage opportunities

4. Protect your position

Based in Bendigo, Lead Advisory Group will build and manage a blueprint of best-practice for your situation. Your money will be working as hard as you are. Knowing that you are totally in control with clear goals and a structured plan gives our clients peace-of-mind, from tax to investment, superannuation and accounting.

Your road map for getting ahead

Your four foundation pillars will be built by giving you a 'best-practice' framework for:

  • Cash flow and money management
  • Opportunity assessment and 'life-stage' trigger points for strategic advice
  • Specific investment advice for diversification, solid returns and risk minimisation
  • 80% of the value we provide to you will be via specific strategic advice and 20% through careful selection of optimal asset allocations and specific investment choices.

Your needs and aspirations will change as you move through different life stages. We will 'partner' you along each stage of the journey to achieving your financial security.

Our financial planning process

Most people have a gap between where they are today and the lifestyle they would like to enjoy. Our financial advisors will help you bridge that gap.

  • We'll assess where you're at now, where you want to be and set out the ideal structure for your financial affairs, cash flow and investment options;
  • We'll ensure you understand the different choices so you make informed choices, and;
  • We'll provide ongoing advice and guidance to help you deal with the changes in your life, rules and regulations, investment markets and anything else that affects your finances.

You'll have a step-by-step strategy to achieve your goals and you'll feel in control. You'll know where you're going with your money, why and how.

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Your first step to securing your financial future

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